Currently there are opportunities to join the lab.

  • Undergraduates. We are seeking serious undergraduates with interests in either biology or computer science. The project will require 10 hours per week and will require working effectively and congenially as part of a team. If students are eligable for graduation with honors, this project would lead to a strong honors thesis. The student will learn bioinformatics skills including some programming, web development, and database management. The student will be part of an exciting learning environment.
  • Postgraduates. Interested postgraduates in the Molecular Biology and Biomedical Informatics programs are encouraged to contact to the lab.



Address: Dept of Biomedical Informatics, Health Sciences Education Bldg, University of Utah. 26 South 2000 East, Suite 5700, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-5750  USA

Phone: 801 595 9934